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Our Story

It all started as a hobby, offering some sessions to a group of friends with babies whilst undergoing training. This manifested itself, word got out, more people wanted to come and in 2013 Splash Together was born.

Initially, I started sessions one day a week for a couple of hours and progressed from there, adding hours, days and other venues.

Abi joined the team and we started to grow even more, adding extra classes for children starting school who wanted to continue swimming with us.

It has been the best journey, extending our services to a larger audience, whilst still maintaining the friendly classes that we started with.


Our priority is for everyone to enjoy their experience with us in a safe, friendly environment. Keeping classes small allows us to give a more personal touch and adapt the session/activities to suit every individual... if everyone was the same it would make our job so easy and very boring!

We learn every day, from each student though our door, hopefully making us all better and, as teachers, helping us to develop in many ways… to us, Splash Together is not just a job.

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