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Parent and Baby

(0 - 2 Years)

You can bring your baby from the moment they are born due to our toasty warm pool temperature; some would rather wait for their first vaccination, it is entirely up to you when to start. As soon as you are ready, we are here for you both every step of the way. 
Please do not worry if you cannot swim yourself, we will guide you through every class and you only do what is comfortable for you. We want you to enjoy this experience as much as your little one. 


5 great reasons to teach your baby to swim:

  • Bonding 

  • Social interaction 

  • Health benefits 

  • Better eating and sleeping patterns (I think most parents can vouch for a good nap after a class) 

  • Water safety

Your baby will be guided through the STA Starfish program, for more information on what this includes, please click here.

£12.50 per session

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