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Ages 2 - 5

You can join us at any point during the term because we will tailor classes to suit you and your child’s individual needs. We want this to be a magical experience for you both and will listen to your child’s aquatic readiness cues. 

We deliver core skills in every class and promote water safety in a safe fun way. We believe learning through play is the best way to learn and we certainly do have a lot of fun.

In these classes, we will be promoting independent swimming with the safety and comfort of their grown up.


We stay away from armbands as we want your toddler to find their own buoyancy through play and work on natural movements through the water.

We will always assess their abilities and ensure they will only move to independent lessons when we as teachers and parents all feel they are ready which is usually about school age (4+)

Your child will be following the STA STAnley program, for more information on what this includes, please click here.

Under 4's - £12.50 per session

4 and over's - £10 per session (after school)

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